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Staff Requirements about 1 month ago

Builder applications are currently OPEN

Here are the requirements you must meet to become a staff member:​
  • Aged 14 years or older
  • A minimum playtime of 3 days
  • A good standard of the English language
  • A clean punishment history (exceptions can be made but aren't guaranteed)
  • Being a member of our Discord server
Even if you meet all the requirements it does not mean you will be accepted.

Staff application outcomes will be released on the coming weekend.

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BP Server Rules about 1 month ago
As we all know every server needs some guidelines/rules else things would get out of hand haha.. ok. Below is a list of everything that players must follow in order to create a fun environment for everyone.

Please remember that a staff member may punish you based on the rules you violated on our server. This applies to everyone, having a donator rank does NOT give you any privileges over regular players.

I - Its mandatory to show an acceptable level of behaviour on the server. This includes respect towards other players and staff members. 
  • Please keep the chat related to gaming. If you want to discuss other things, please...

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We're officially launched! about 1 month ago
Hey there Miner!

After weeks of preparation we've finally finished the Pre-Launch phase and made the server available for everyone to join. At this moment a few basic needs are missing as some players have reported. We're currently very busy fixing these issues so please bare with us.

Just some small information regarding your first join:
  • Please use /help ingame to get basic information regarding the server. Please read all information before attempting anything. If you still have issues feel free to contact me on Discord: Baconarie#4381
  • When doing the server tutorial, don't forget that /st next is there to b...

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Hey there Miner!

You can look at this server as EssentialsX. It's a fork from your typical OP Prison server, but made better.

Right now we are very busy creating the server. If you want to get involved during the development stage then keep on reading.

Pre-Launch role
Our idea is pretty straightforward. Every now and then we are going to post updates on the forum and discord (this will be mainly about mines and ranks). During this stage you will be able to post your opinions on them and give suggestions if you think they'll have a positive impact on the server.

Once the development stage is over and the serve...

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