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by Baconarie » 2 months ago
Hey there Miner!

You can look at this server as EssentialsX. It's a fork from your typical OP Prison server, but made better.

Right now we are very busy creating the server. If you want to get involved during the development stage then keep on reading.

Pre-Launch role
Our idea is pretty straightforward. Every now and then we are going to post updates on the forum and discord (this will be mainly about mines and ranks). During this stage you will be able to post your opinions on them and give suggestions if you think they'll have a positive impact on the server.

Once the development stage is over and the server has been launched, everyone that was involved during this stage will get a neat Pre-Launch role here on the forums, together with some nice in-game rewards :)

The same goes for voting. I've configured Votifier on the server and for the voting sites. Please make sure to vote as the top voters will be rewarded when the server goes live.

To join our Discord server and get the role, click here.


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