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by Baconarie » about 1 month ago
As we all know every server needs some guidelines/rules else things would get out of hand haha.. ok. Below is a list of everything that players must follow in order to create a fun environment for everyone.

Please remember that a staff member may punish you based on the rules you violated on our server. This applies to everyone, having a donator rank does NOT give you any privileges over regular players.

I - Its mandatory to show an acceptable level of behaviour on the server. This includes respect towards other players and staff members. 
  • Please keep the chat related to gaming. If you want to discuss other things, please do this privately.
  • Swearing, racism, sexism etc are not allowed.
  • English in main chat all the time. Speaking other languages can be done via /msg

II - Hacks, cheats etc. are strictly prohibited. If you find the grind too boring, please leave the server and don't ruin the fun for others.
  • Texturepacks/mods that give you an advantage ingame such as a very high brightness level to replace the /nightvision command is not allowed.
  • Using an Auto-Joiner to bypass the login time-out to farm playtime is not allowed

III - Server advertising is not allowed. This includes advertising via the main chat or private chat or any other way of advertising content that isnt related to BP (unless you are playing with a friend and want to play something else after a BP session)

IV - Multiple accounts are not allowed. The server prevents you from this by only allowing 1 account per IP. Having multiple accounts across multiple IP's is not allowed.
  • If you have a friend/family member/etc. playing from the same network then please make a MAR on the forums.

- Asking/Begging for items ingame is not allowed. Everyone did a lot of effort to get their stuff so the same is expected from you.
  • This also includes begging staff members to do a dropparty or asking for a staff rank

VI - Trying to hack into someone's account is strictly prohibited. If we find out you will be permanently erased from our server.

VII - Creating Anti-AFK machines is not allowed. Rulebreakers will be punished along with deleting their plot.

VIII - Trading ingame items for Real World Currency is allowed
  • The Real World Currency obtained from the trade must be used on our server (i.e. a purchase on our store)
  • Charging players money for ingame currency is not allowed

IX - Scamming is not allowed.
  • This includes scamming ingame aswell as scamming someone for Real World Currency

- Rules regarding Prestiging
  • It is not allowed to withdraw your balance before prestiging to save your money.

XI - All data ingame is saved using your playername. Changing your playername results in the loss of your account, and you will have to start over. We are not responsible for these actions and should not be asked to restore your account.

XII - Abuse of glitches/bugs/holes in warps etc. or taking advantage of them is not allowed.

Baconarie's Prison holds the right to change the server rules at any time without any warning. Players are expected to follow the rules during their time on BP. Excuses like not knowing a rule will not be tolerated.

By playing on BP you agree by these rules. Failing to do so will result in punishments by a staff member.


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