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IGN: SanityCandid
by SanityCandid » about 1 month ago
Hey there,

I have an idea, which I am not sure whether it's valid or not. But considering the only way we could get commands is through donating online, I believe that there shall be a warp for users to buy commands from, with in-game money, but only available once you become prestige so in that way, users do not take advantage of a potential /warp buycommands or whatever.
This sounded like a great idea to me, or, another idea similar to this, is, make weekly riddles, players have to guess them, and if they guess all of them, they get a certain percentage from that command. For example: Let's say I did all the riddles for the week, I unlocked 15% of the command I could potentially get, meaning that I have to get the rest of 85% over a certain amount of weeks, to unlock a command such as: /fly, or /pay.

Thank you!


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IGN: Dannyy_HU
by Danny » about 1 month ago
All commands are actually already available in game too; we aim for a non-P2W environment. 
To get to the commands page: /bp menu Commands.

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