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by Baconarie » about 1 month ago
Hey guys

Been a week since we've posted an update and so far we're getting really close to the launch of the server. Below are the most important things we wanted to share with you.


As you can see our spawn will be winter themed because.. well.. winter is coming if you haven't realised already.

Bonus Points
I've been hard at work to integrate the BP system with the enchantments you will be able to get. So far everything seems to be working fine and when the basic server stuff has been added i'll start working on some more enchantments. BP will also be used to get higher fortune/efficiency levels.

Yes indeed, ofcourse we're gonna have a scoreboard. Below is the current state of it, stuff might get added before the launch.

Prestige mines
The format we're going to use for these mines will be shown in the picture below

Each 9 prestiges will have their own big map. Each 3 prestiges have their own mine. This map will be for prestiges 1-9, more maps will be made as the server continues to grow.
(Note: you will only be able to fly around your own prestige mine)

Donator perks
Our goal is to follow the EULA (since p2w isn't an option at BP) so to answer this question: it will contain cosmetics. These can vary between /nick and a cool chat color ingame. We're still trying to find fun and interesting stuff so you'll see once the server goes live :)

Thats it for now, stay tuned.

- Niels

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