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IGN: Baconarie
by Baconarie » about 1 month ago
Hey there Miner!

After weeks of preparation we've finally finished the Pre-Launch phase and made the server available for everyone to join. At this moment a few basic needs are missing as some players have reported. We're currently very busy fixing these issues so please bare with us.

Just some small information regarding your first join:
  • Please use /help ingame to get basic information regarding the server. Please read all information before attempting anything. If you still have issues feel free to contact me on Discord: Baconarie#4381
  • When doing the server tutorial, don't forget that /st next is there to bring you to the next point in the tutorial. This is explained at spawn when you join.

We hope you will enjoy your time on BP and are open for suggestions/issues that may arise.

- BP Staff Team

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