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Only seeing them now, it must be said: bloody amazing.
2 months ago

Autosell and similar will be available in game, as bacon said. After the building and rank planning, we'll be able to speed through the format of perks, rewards, etc.
2 months ago

They may be available at the end of the week! smiley
All depends on average player count/player needs over the coming first few days.
about 1 month ago

PvP Event - We have an idea for this, we just need a bit more time and a few more active players wink

Mining Event - If you have ideas for this, do suggest so. However we haven't got any planned as of yet.
about 1 month ago

We will incorporate something similar to this but not tied to the pickaxe. Prestige pickaxe is now available smiley
about 1 month ago